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Increased pain after Covid Vaccination

Started by Roofer on 04/12/2021 10:24am

Just curious if others experienced similar issues after getting vaccination. History for me is L4/5 discectomy, laminectomy 2011. 2012 declared disabled due to pain radiating into lower extremities with spasticity, tingling numbness continues through to today.
Spring forward to March of 2021 when I received the first vaccine dose for covid-19. Received shot at 9am then at 1am next early morning I awoke to extreme burning sensation at surgical site lower back with extreme nerve pain radiating into both legs down into toes. It scared me so that I want to go to er room but didn’t go. I collected my fears and thoughts and took a pain pill tried to get comfortable enough to go back to sleep. The severe pain continued for about 48 hrs and has decreased somewhat but has created problems walking and fatigue in both legs. I’ve since seem both my pain management doc and Primary care doc. Pain doc says when getting the second shot if the severe symptoms return to go the wrong immediately for testing. The primary seemed to say that he wouldn’t be surprised because folks who have chronic conditions would have in creased pain in my case due to the natural immune system ramping up for the vaccine.
Please if you don’t mind share your thoughts and experience with regards to getting the covid-19 Vaccination. Thanks

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