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L4-S1 post-op mishap - strain

Started by Terence on 01/06/2019 9:40am

I am checking if anyone has had a similar situation and how long to recovery. After 10 week’s post-op from L4-S1 fusion, I was actually doing very well and feeling quite strong and mobile. Unfortunately, I foolishly did some (reasonably not heavy) arms above my head manipulating a long pole cleaning mud out of gutters on the roof. Stupid, I know! Now. For the last 7 or 8 days I’ve had pain in below (S1) and above (L4) my fusion, and both butt cheeks. Also, some muscle pain in back. I now know why. Has anyone else done something similar am suffered the same consequences? If so, how long before it got better? The pain is not debilitating, but enough to cause concern, specially after 8 days. Only marginal improvement. Any opinions welcome.

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