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Posted in: Bracing, and Surgery.

Got my brace today

Started by Trish323 on 10/15/2012 5:45pm

I picked up my brace today. Have worn it a little bit and I am relieved it doesn't seem as restrictive as I thought. That's a good thing.
It's a white moulded plastic with 3 Velcro straps in the front. Nothing glamorous!
It's going to be my best friend for up to 6 mos.

Does anyone know why some docs make you wear these and others do not? Mine is for 3 level lumbar surgery.

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Hi Triash,,glad u got ur brace. If ur having a Lumbar Fusion the brace is to stablize ur torso, ur lumbar carries most the weight pressure more so than cervical. Think of it like this eg : cervical is carrying an Apple,,,And Lumbar is carrying a watermelon...the brace will help U carrie that watermelon and makes sure u dont rotate ur torso and mess up that fusion,,another eg: A fusion is like applying spackle paste to ur spine, so until it completely heals N hardens to the spinal bones ,,the brace will stop u from cracking it...Hope I made sence for U to understand....Rene :) :) :)


You make sense!! I put it on and am surprised it is not as restrictive as I thought, which makes me happy. I have been miserable, really miserable these past few days. My neck has decided to flare, my upper back is killing me and as far as I know nothing is wrong there. Maybe it's just muscle. Oh well upping my meds tonight because this is the worst pain I have had yet!


Trish,,I hear U on that,,I too am havin a tough week,,I sit N say should I take that extra one cause I need it so badly,then I do a count and find that Ill B short B4 my next visit. So do I suffer more this week or say f--- it and make myself comfortable,,Had cervical MRI 2day n 2morro I will B having my Lumbar MRI,,New PM ordered it B4 they would give me all the correct meds, when they spoke w/ my surgeon he said I dont warrent a muscle relaxer N breakthrough pain meds,, I could just scream. Hopefully the new PM, after he gets results will have compation enough to help N not listen to my Idiot surgeon.....And why the hell is pain Mngmnt going by a verbal and not by my history? the sad part is I know the answer,,,and may I add the surgeon made me discontinue my cymbalta from my shrink bcause he keeps peckin in my husbands ear that its the meds that R making me deppressed and phycological that is whats causing my pain, another words its in my head he stated. So not only is he torturing me, but also killing a 26yr marriage bcause he has my husband beleiving this,,,,,IN MY HEAD,,how dare he ruin my deffamation of character,,he also tells hubby its bcause im a nurse that im self diagnosing myself..NOT,,,its bcause I know to much and surgeons dont like to B corrected,,they think there God....I want to take his bottom Lip and stretch it over his head and ask hiim if that hurts, n if so just deal w/it...Rene :)


I received a similar back brace when I scheduled l4-5 fusion two years ago. Mine was/is two pieces, had to be worn over clothing, it must have weighed 10 lbs. I took it home and after two days, cancelled the surgery and decided to live with the pain.
Pain progressed - I remain stuck in practical and fashionable - signed up for surgery again! This time, got BREG Boa twenty pound brace 'assigned' to me by surgeon. When I protested brace selection I was assured that I would learn to love my brace. Cancelled surgery, changed surgeons! Left brace sitting alone on a chair in surgeon's waiting room.
Here we are tonight, nearly two years after I was told surgery is 'inevitable'. I am going to do it this time, but have taken a much more proactive approach:
Will select own brace (I already have) and bring info to surgeon three weeks prior to operation. I am 5'3, weigh 130 lbs. I have to have a brace that is undetectable under my clothing or I will not be allowed to return to work. I already have a good second choice brace at home, but it would be nice to have a brace that I will really wear. Regardless, I am determined to save Blue Cross Blue Shield the expense of a surgical brace that I will just sell on E-Bay, if it even leaves the hospital.
I am frustrated that surgeons won't listen to requests and genuine needs. With two children in college and a job as a road examiner at a state DMV, my back brace MUST allow the ability to get in and out of cars and small trucks quickly. I cannot afford to be off more than four weeks. I picked November to be home because we have 3 holidays built in, saving myself the use of 28 hours of sick time. I plan to leave hospital ASAP, and will walk 8 blocks each way to Yoga beginning five days after surgery. I have no plans for home health care, ice packs, walkers, canes, or whining.
I understand that a good brace protects - but they do not have to be a monstrosity that hurts and adds weight.
I would appreciate suggestions for braces for smaller women as well as ideas for holistic pain management. I don't want to have this operation - but it seems better to deny even the suggestion of taking time to patiently enjoy a tedious recovery - I will have surgery and then countdown to return to work.