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Posted in: Bracing, and Scoliosis.

Gymastics? Boston Brace v. Milwaukee Brace?

Started by lindaiam on 01/07/2013 4:16pm

My 11 yr old daughter was recently diagnosed with S curve adolescent scoliosis. She has a top and bottom curve of about 28 percent. She was just fitted for a boston brace. I have a couple of questions. Her top curve is higher than the boston brace. Although, the brace will be made slightly higher, it still not in the area of the top curve. I was told that there is a chance if the bottom curve was stabilized the top curve may stabilize. I was not prescribed a Milwaukee brace (which I know would be a very difficult thing to have my daughter wear) from the doctor, but the orthodist thought it was the only brace that would directly stablize the curve. Therefore, my first question is whether it is possible that the top curve will stabilize even though not in the boston brace direct treatment area. Second, my daughter does gymnastics, I was told that it is good for her. However, I read online studies that show certain high impact gymnastics routines or back bends, etc. can make it progress faster. She does that for a couple of hours a week and then does cheerleading. I wanted to see, in your view, if gymnastics is safe for her curve. Anyone have insight? Thanks so much!

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In my personal experience gymnastics was wry bad for my spinal disease. I have spondylolisthesis grade 5 outta 5 now. As a child I suffered from back pain but continued on. I did gymnastics for over 7 years n my surgeon( world renowned, now retired, director of the spinal center at UCSF dr Bradford) tx me that was my biggest problem. The bending and forcing of your body n ways its not mention to go is what hurt me most. I learned the hard way if my body didn't allow it then I shouldn't do it. I was told by my surgeon that even though I would have always been a spondylolisthesis patient I would have most likely lived a long normal live at grade 1 if I had not pushed my body n gymnastics. But I do have the opposite curve if your daughter n personally I would never risk it. My 13 year old wanted to do gymnastics but since my disease is hereditary n there have been slight signs if her having it I have stayed on the safe side and banned gymnastics and contact sports. I allowed the contact sports till this year because in younger ages the competition is less so the stress of the body is less but everyday after games n practice last year she came straight home n took Tylenol so I know the time has come to pull them. Best of luck. I'm so sorry your daughter has to go this so young. I understand the lose n pain completely. I was born with mine too.