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neck pain

Started by shemisseshuparez on 04/15/2013 6:45pm

very limited mobiity, pain generates from that point raps up around my head and makes my face hurt,also scrapeing sound in ear. ear pain

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Hi, im sorry you are dealing with this type of pain. I have severe neck pain when i stand too long or trying to accomplish small tasks..Its a burning neck all over head pain, and i get ringing in my ears. The only thing that helps is ice packs and maj of my day is laying dwn with them.


hi shemisse -- has anyone ever suggested to you that you check with a jaw specialist to see whether you have any kind of Temporomandibular Disorders in your joints or muscles near your ear??? If there is a scraping sound in your ear....i'm wondering if a oral and maxillofacial surgeon would be worth checking out....... if he/she is a GOOD oral surgeon, they will advise surgery ONLY as a last, last, last resort --- but ????you'd find relief from some of their other 'tools'. I needed to have my jaw 'calmed' down and the maxillofacial doc recommended various stretching exercises...even some steroid shots. The combo of both worked for me............settling all down in the ear and entire area. Perhaps you already know your problem is more spinal than jaw........just thought I'd mention it.