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My 2nd child with severe scoliosis

Started by missmarsii on 12/17/2013 8:42pm

My eldest daughter received spinal fusion at age 12 for a 63 degree thoracic curve and she's doing great. I just found out today, my youngest daugther who is 11 was just diagnosed with an S-curve, 35 degrees thoracic and 30 degree lumbar. I am COMPLETELY freaked out. We are awaiting ortho referral and assume bracing will be in order. Has anyone had siblings go through this?? Any words of wisdom would be appreciated!!
Thanks! Marsii

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I have had a spinal fusion at the age of 16 and both of my sons have also had fusions. They are doing extremely well with no difficulties as far as the fusion. My youngest also has Arnold Chiari malformation and has had a bad headache and we are waiting to make sure it wasn't caused by the ponds getting stuck in his neck. I have a huge warning for you if your daughter has a large fusion. Protect the remaining disc as if they were glass. I began having trouble at the age of 33 and am now disabled. My sons get tired of me reminding them but I would hate to see anyone end up where I am.


Hi, my 10 yr old has a 64 degree curve and is due for surgery in June. can you tell me ypur experience about the surgery and recovery for daughter? and who performed the surgery! This would ease our minds a bit.