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Posted in: Bracing, and Scoliosis.

18 month old with scoliosis

Started by pixietara32905 on 12/20/2014 8:32pm

Hello my name is Tara and my second child Joey was diagnosed with progressive scoliosis. He started with a small curve which progressed to a much larger curve and is causing his rubs to pull away. This is a new area for my husband and I and we have many many questions. Can anyone help us? Starting after the first of the year he will be wearing a Boston Type brace to see if we can correct the problem now or at least stop the it from getting worse and from there the next step after that is possible body casting. He is seeing a specialist at Arnold Palmer by the name Dr. Phillips which is a wonderful person. He has had a MRI to rule out surgery and therefore this is the stage we are at. I am very worried about how he is going to handle the brace since he is a very active little boy. I am a stay at home mom and am with him 24/7 so I really need someone to help me understand how and what to expect. Please can someone help? Thank you.

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