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spine surgeryg

Started by 100005290454888... on 01/24/2015 7:52am

I had back surgery Aug. 8, 2014 , I was told he was the best in the world so I Let him do the surgery. I am still in pain. Back is still coming out of place with the gear he placed there ,to keep my back I in place. the second day of surgery the nurse put me in a chair and the chair leg fell down it hurt my back. I told the doctor and he said I was ok . I was sent home. 2 weeks later I lost my footage and fell, went back to the doctor I broke something near my tail bone. I have not seem the doctor that did the surgery yet . They was to call me in 6 weeks for to come in no call yet. still hurting. Went there and they said he would not going to
write me any control medication. what am I to do ?

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