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Traction at home

Started by Iris621 on 01/15/2010 3:18pm

I have severe pain as a result of DDD in my neck, and it’s progressively worsened. I have been going to chiropractor for years now. It seems to help, but the relief is temporary. I want to try at-home neck traction to see if I can get longer relief from my DDD pain, in addition to the chiropractic treatments. Has anybody had any success combining at-home traction with chiropractic treatments? Any suggestions on the best home traction system to use?

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I've never used chiropractic, but I've used an over the door at home product on and off for three years to good effect.

This is it: http://www.amazon.com/NeckPro-Overdoor-Cervical-Traction-Device/dp/B000GSL5XW

It doesn't solve the problem, but I periodically get a feeling of heavyness and soreness at the very top of my neck that sometimes makes me dizzy and achey. I will sit in this thing against the door for 5-7 minutes and it feels awesome.


I have a neck traction device that is used lying on the floor and you strap your head in it and use a hand held air pump that is connected to an air cylinder that stretches out the neck. It offers pressure relief and allow nutrients and cells to allow some regeneration. It is a good tool and if you are complient and use it daily or more than once a day you should feel its benefit.


Virtually everyone over the age of thirty five has some degree of Degenerative changes in their spine. This can be in part to wear and tear and in part to the effects of aging.

The cervical spine is supposed to have a C shaped curve called "Lordosis". The concavity of this curve is supposed to be in the back of the spine as if you were facing to the left if you look at the actual letter C.

Over door traction actually pulls the spine in one plane only in reality reducing the curve that we are supposed to have hence while its able to reduce some symptoms short term its not a long term solution.

The best for of traction to restore the curve is two point traction in extension. Most of us can't do that at home and in fact most Doctors DC's or MD's don't even do this type of traction as it takes up space in their office. The next best approach is sitting at a forty five degree angle (Slouching... Yes a Chiropractor is TELLING you to slouch) in a chair with your head dangling back. This is uncomfortable at best and downright painful when you are first starting out another reason people don't often recommend it. But.. it will in fact restore the curve and thus the normal mechanics of your cervical spine which will LONG TERM assist in reducing a vast array of symptoms.

I hope that not only makes sense but will help you with long term results.

Edward Camp San Francisco Chiropractor


Thank you to all for your suggestions! Dr. Camp, I especially appreciate your insight. I certainly want a long-term solution, and if at-home traction won't deliver that, then I don't want to waste my money on it!

Thank you for your suggestions--I'll ask about them at my neck chiropractic appointment!


Hi, Iris621 (and everyone else)--We came across this excellent discussion and wanted to share a blog post by one of our expert authors that mentions at home traction: ( At-Home Treatments for Neck Pain ), along with a few other conservative neck pain therapies.

We hope this information helps any future readers who visit this post!