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Started by markymark on 02/23/2014 1:48pm

First tried phisical therapy , i dont understand why most of the chains have me do most at home.There must be a clinic that can help me .Went to a chiro today and a n more pain then when i went in Why do they all say threetimes a week.I had a epidural which did nothing,,iA nuro said i need surgery . When all this startede i had a high fever with postratitis,problems with gi and urination,todeay i am hurting everywhere and i am stuck in a circle,,i think i made myself sick after a bad arriage for 29 yrs,so i have a problem with what to do with hanling the ddd and therapy,i have now very weak legs and core,and discomfort in hips back arms and wrists ad hnds ,
i am getting very emotional ,which is strange for a vet.I really dont know how to handle this,I went to a teaching school,and told me what i knew,just asked me about ptevious therapies,and wanted me to wear neck and back braces with taking nuerotin. I really do not want to seem cripled,i need to know how to get treatment that has all the therapies at the clinic.I can use a bike at the gym.

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