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Brett Babat

Started by Debbiefaith on 12/09/2014 6:39pm

Watch out for Brett Babat-ortho surgeon. He made such a mess of my neck a Dr. Jack Kruse had to totally revise it 10 months later. I had to have two surgeries in 10 months. Babat distanced himself from me after the botched up surgery. My new doctor told us in private- Dr. Jack Kruse what a mess he found. If he had only testified as to what he told us he saw in private when he cut me open the second time. Brett Babat is a Harvard Bratt but does not know what he is doing. Many nurses and other patients told me about him afterwards. I had a huge lawsuit against him for medical malpractice. He is a liar. I am trying to expose him to the newspapers. He cut me open and made a mess of it and then refused to see me or fix what he had screwed up. In retrospect thank God. He did not have the expertise or experience to operate on me. A chiropractor ruptured a disk in my neck. I later found out in the ER I had been born with 3 congenital fusions in my neck. I did not know anything about orthopedic doctors. He put the wrong type of plate in my neck, operated in the wrong place and left a busted plate and disk fragments everywhere. Dr. Jack Kruse and Jason Hubbard @ St. Thomas told me he needed to "re-do" the surgery because he did not relieve the compression and it needed to be done all over again. I was in shock. I have severe P.T.S.D. due to it. I also have an autistic son 26 years old totally dependent on me. The lawyers dropped my case after 2 years and spending $2,000 of their own money. I have a private therapist who read all the court depositions, x-rays and medical surgery notes. He asked me "Did not anyone ever tell you about doctors?" "They are not all experienced or good". I am trying to expose him as much as I can after the therapy. I am still traumatized. I had to have the same repeat surgery done 10 months later-they usually will not operate on someone until a year goes by but my compression was so bad I could not stand the feeling my head was fixing to blow off due to the cervical compression. I went to a chiropractor for the low back and he jerked my neck one day without taking an x-ray. I barely made it through the second surgery and what Dr. Kruse found. Babat lied and Kruse refused to testify against him. After 2 years my lawyers dropped my case when Babat accused one of my attorneys of threatening him. They were only asking him to help me because I was suffering- they never threatened him. Never let a chiropractor touch your neck without an x-ray. Never let a ortho surgeon operate without seeking many opinions and get a neurosurgeon to do any cervical surgery. The 2nd surgery 10 months later I developed a bladder disease called Interstitial Cystitis due to my immune system being whacked out and the tremendous stress. This sorry sick Bastard should be held responsible for my everyday pain and suffering. Every time I turn my head my neck pops and I am constantly reminded. My throat looks like something from a slasher movie. I have had to live on Morphine and in a pain clinic for 12 years due to his botched surgery. How he treated me afterward distancing himself from me and making me feel expendable was unethical not to mention everything else. He ruint my life. He told my father for me to "Go out and live my life". The nurses and other pain patients I have met that took me aside afterward have been so numerous I can't count. one nurse who saw me with a tens unit when I went to Skyline trying to obtain my x-rays told me "Never let that man operate on you, I have seen too many mistakes he made." I told her it was too late. God, everyday I wish I had never gone to him. He assured me he knew what to do and the disk had almost severed my spinal cord when my neck was jerked and it was severely compressing my spinal cord and had bruised it and it had to be pulled off. He operated on the wrong area and the compression was still there like he never even cut me open and nothing was fixed. He used the wrong plate. It was busted they found at the 2nd surgery and there were disk fragments everywhere. I now hate, detest and resent ALL doctors. This sick man needs to be put away in jail for murder of a soul and life. He is still "practicing" on people is the saddest thing of all. I even reported him to his peer review board at Skyline and they did not even slap his hands. What is even sicker is Dr. Kruse who had to revise the surgery and went in and aggressively went under the juggler to pull the disk off my spinal cord had his license suspended for 6 months last I heard by his peer review board. God bring justice I pray every day. I have been unable to even talk about this without stuttering until now. It took a year of therapy to reach this point. I am trying to be the whistle blower and sound the alarm. The chiropractor's name was Adam Hutton who has an office in Illinois even now. Be careful people!

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