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Epidural injection

Started by 144501954249123... on 07/25/2015 2:11am

Hello I was a healthy 22 yr old when I got into a wreck so far I had MRI s rays where they found two bulged/ herniated disc one in my neck and another in my lumbar I've been dealing with chiropractic treatment and 3 shots of epidural two in my lumbar and one in my neck. I remember the first time it was in my lumbar and the Clinic I go to suggest to put you under anesthesia for the procedure. I remember being woke up when given the injection but it wasn't enough to bothered me the 2nd one was in my neck and it went ok but the last one I had was again in my lumbar and this time the doctor stuck me two time and I remember jumping and trying to run off the table because it hurt now I'm having more pain then ever and I'm hoping that when I jumped up I didn't injured myself I've been having pain all down my back my butt is numb and pain down my legs. I go to do number 2 and when it's time to get off the can I have trouble getting off my feet and legs go numb and fall to sleep hurts! I'm wondering if that's ever happened to any body? It would mean a lot to get a response

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