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Needing advice with discs and muscles

Started by drummer1 on 09/23/2015 11:21am

Hi Everyone!

In short form, I am 32, herniated disc at L4-5, bulge above and below according to the MRI from May. The herniation was very mild in nature and the report read mild on everything from the bulges to the herniation. I had some nerve compression and that pain has subsided with conservative care. I was in rough shape for a bit.

Since then I was seeing a chiropractor on a daily basis and he had me back to a functional state when my hip started to lean out to the side again. This was mid July. I stopped seeking care from him at the end of August when the treatments seemed to cause more pain and lower my left leg. He was out of ideas.

My current state is the my right shoulder is raised and my left hip is raised and leans outward a bit. All bulges and herniation were on the left side. It seems that this causes muscles aches. I am receiving conflicting information from everyone that I see. A surgeon said that he would do a micro on it. His exam was not thorough at all. I was able to stand on the tips of my toes, heels and did the Faber test with much more ease than earlier in my treatments/exams. It seemed as if he was saying this would fix the disc but couldn't answer about my hip and shoulder. A PT is heavily focused on the MRI reading and keeps saying that I need surgery and has only done a few 30 soft tissue massages. A different chiropractor seems to think adjusting this properly will help restore me and avoid surgery.

Am I pulling my hip up to protect the disc?

Has anyone experienced anything like this and what road to recovery best aided you?

I am scared to death of surgery and don't want to have it. I've been sedentary for a few months from the prior chiropractors advice and struggle to push through to get moving again.

Any advice would be ever so appreciated.


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