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severe pelvic pain/stomach pain & correlation to scoliosis ?

Started by kqty on 03/11/2019 4:03pm

i have very, very severe scoliosis that has been left completely untreated. i've been experiencing severe pelvic pain (Stabbing, sharp, crippling to the point where i can not walk or move whenever i have it. it lasts around an hour+ at its longest.)
i notice i have it after i eat food, even if its just a tiny amount of food i feel a bit of discomfort. my stomach also gets extremely bloated when i eat as well. i have this pelvic pain after eating, also after doing physical exercise, stretching, doing yoga, sometimes even while peeing. i've never had to deal with this before in my life, until after my scoliosis started progressing over the past year. i know your spine has a lot of important nerves, and spinal injuries can cause bladder problems, etc, but i specifically feel pelvic pain when i eat?
i also have a lot of IBS symptoms, which i've never dealt with prior to my scoliosis getting worse. i've had an ultra sound multiple times, and there was nothing wrong (like a cyst), or anything. i don't really know what to do.

i'm basically just wondering
a: can severe scoliosis cause ibs symptoms, severe pelvic pain, crippling pelvic pain/slight pelvic pain when & after eating/moving
b: is it possible that since my spinal nerves and body alignment is so poor and compressed, its causing me all of these problems?

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