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Need advice - L3L4 disc herniation + stenosis problem

Started by JorgHenry on 06/11/2020 7:19am

I was seeing a doc. due to my back pain, following an auto accident 3yrs. ago. After like 2 years he ordered a MRI and was telling my pain / leg cramps etc. is due to spinal stenosis. As I was not happy with his treatment regimen, I consulted another doc a month ago. He did a MRI and advising me that the pain is due to my L3, L4 disc herniation and suggested surgery to remove some bone and bulging disc portion. I then visited another doc yesterday to get a second opinion and he said that disc bulging is not so bad and give cpl months to see , if it heals by itself. Now, I am puzzled as to what treatment I should do. Meanwhile researching on the net, I come across, - Flexion-distraction Technique for Herniated Discs - . which I think I should try first. CAN I get your opinion as to what other options, I have and what treatment plan, is best for me. I had several days ( 15 days) of severe pain during the last two years. I could not get up from bed due to pain for like 4 days of the 15 days. Now, I have some pain but manageable. My work involves, some lifting, which is not a must as I am self employed ( basically playing with my classic car collection). Your diligent response is much appreciated, as I need feedback from veterans on this subject. THANKs all in advance for your time and concern.

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By the way , I am in Japan.