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Any one else walk after C-7 injurey? Also in constant pain...

Started by Iron man on 01/08/2011 11:46pm

I was in a bad motercycle crash in dec. 09. I burst fractured C-7 cracked C-6 and T-1. My surg. told my wife at the time of surgery that I would not walk and would possibly be A quad. Well I proved him wrong!! I walk ok. I do have nueopethy in my hands and feet. Also some spurattic nuropathy in my skin. I also punched the ball of my shoulder thru the back and tore the men. in my knee and broke my ankle. Have had surgery to fix all of the above. The kneck is in constant pain where the spacer to replace C-7 and held together with a plate and screws. Have been referd to a pain man. doc to try and get me off of hydracodone. Any advice as to what to watch out for from the pm. doc would be helpful......

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Hi Iron man. Make sure that you get a pain management doctor that will really listen to you and work with you to develop a solid pain management plan that you can both live with. Neuropathic pain is tricky and there are some good medications that can really help. Narcotics do not help with neuropathic pain, but may be prescribed to help with the other pain and may be an important aspect of you pain management plan. The most effective medications for neuropathic pain are certain antidepressents and anit-seizure medications. Vitamin D and B complex supplements can also be a big help.
The goal for you and your pain management doctor should be to reach a level of comfort that allows you to move as much as you can so that you can continue to improve and have a good quality of life. Ask lots of questions and keep in mind that well managed pain now will help you long term...most problems that people have with chronic pain and addiction come from inadequate pain medication, not from being given too much pain medicine.


Hi Iron Man,
My injuries in my neck are C1 -C6, and L4-5 - S1 I'm in pain everyday even though I'm on pain meds 24/7. My only real advise to you would be to make sure you understand everything that the PM Dr. says and does to help you . Ask questions, tell them everything that is hurting , when , why , how much it hurts- what makes it worse/better. I've had to Caudal injections for my lower back with him, the last in July 2010 - after complaining to his PA for the last 3 visits, of pain that wasn't there before- he has finally agreed to see me to discuss the procedure next Friday ( only 7 months later ). Mind you during my procedure , there was a problem- he said that the syringes were malfunctioning , and he had to double inject me as he wasn't sure how much of it actually made it in (and not on my back )., then he gave me a antibiotic .... because of all the extra poking done that day . When I mentioned this to the PA she looked up the chart and said there was nothing documented about that . I will be meeting with him next week, and rest assured I will not be leaving without an explanation ( and it better be a good one ) I want the chart to read, exactly as it happened , not how he covers up a mistake to protect himself and to heck with me and the added pain I have because of him ...... Just be very careful, and alert- so that you may remember all that is said and done. I wish you the best in this, you've already been through a rough time. If you're ever unsure about a Dr. , go with that feeling and get out before its to late.
Best wishes to you ,