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back surgery

Started by 1176841602@facebook on 10/16/2011 7:44pm

I broke my back when I was 19 and i didnt know it my doctor said I pulled some muscles. I had fallen off a two story building and landed on my butt on cement. I had to crawl around on my knees for about 2 months. and have put up with the pain all these years. years later I went and had a back xray they asked me when did I break my back. any way im going to have 8 screws and Im not real sure if hes putting in 4 rods or not.the piece thats broke is on my spinal cord . I fell the other day down 8 stairs and ended up against the wall with my recliner on top so I hope he dont find any surprises in there. I went back to my surgeon and he checked xrays says nothings broke other then the one suggested to me to wear a brace now.Im kinda nervous about the surgery. going to be in hospital 3 days he says. i have lots of things wrong with me got diabetes alergys I did a stress test passed it ok. oh bye the way im 59 now . pain doesnt really bother as much as it use to. any way thats what happend to me dont know how its going to be after surgery any body has a clue.

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Larry, I'm sorry that you've indured this much pain as long as you did. Mine just strted about 9 wks ago and i sometimes can't see how i will manage to keep going. But my 3 little kids they WILL keep me going.

I wish you the best with a fast recovery and please don't do what i do and read all the negatives on here. There are many success stories out there but they don't come back to let us know how they are doing.


Hi Larry, of course I am sorry about the pain that you are living in.
I am puzzled, exactly when did you have this accident ? (year).
Is this the same doctor that you when to originally ?
You should get all documentation so that the surgeon can see it.

I realize that you are in PAIN, but have you tried any type of conservative treatment like PT?
Or Meds to trick the pain and quite it down so you can think straight..
Have you had an MRI ? Which will give the doctor much more better details of your body.
Lastly, have you gotten other opinions ? Usually a second or third opinions when you bring the x-ray & MRI cd dsk for the other doctors can look it over.

I would use surgency as the last option, particularly since screws and maybe rods are going to be put in your body. What is your range of motion? What exactly is the problem Cervical, Thoracic or lumbar.?

Get evaluated by a Board Certified Neurosurgeon
Please let us know what happens


h pc 2053 m sorry havnt responded to what you had asked me but wll gve t a try. I think the year was 1971 when fell . i was around 17 am 60 years this may. the only thing that really helped me was hot bath water. the hotter the betr. and lots of cold beer.


hello pc 2053 found a surgeon here where live he fused and put in rods and 8 screws. my bones all fused my last opintment so i dont do a brace im getting therpy and exercisng at home. they want my musles to get loosend up.had the brace on 4 months i do bone simulator yet.


hi olympia sorry this has been this long I am doing good i had surgery and everything s good so far. I had a very rough life I have been married several times and i still think the pain didnt help but feel betr now, its different you arnt the same so you have to move accordingly.