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back surgery

Started by 1176841602@facebook on 12/08/2011 11:54pm

hi all. Thought I would add some more of whats been going on here , I had my surgery 11/28 they started around 12:30 that day my wife said they had me out around 3 little over hours . all seemed to go well. of course when you come to makes you wonder you start feeling pain and its just really not comfortable. I was kind of in and out next couple days couldnt eat didnt have any desire to want to eat. there are other things thant dont want to work well either.really the way I felt didnt want to walk set stand . just sleep. the op was on monday they sent me ta a rehab center only 3 miles from the hospital. and therpy is here they worked with me at hospital also. but since the rehab witch i feel lots of progress. my appit. has returned bowels started back therpy here is good not to hard can be from walking to setting also walking up steps and down them. my pain had went toallty away hardley any yesterday morning had to sneeze and i have a little from that so im going to pray it goes away. I thought I would kind of let everyone no how so far things are going. not bad seems to get betr, If any dont remmb what they did was a L1 thru L4 fusion bone graft lamenctomy also had cushions shot so those were repaired. as I go on will keep everyone going on progress. they also installed 8 screws and 2 long rods. any how check back fore up dates. . .

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good to hear you had the surgery.
i hope you heal and are as pain free as can be.
some advice.
when you wake in the morning.....do not stretch!
just get up and out of bed.
i stretched a month after mine and my back popped were it was to fuse.
hurt for a week.
it will take some time to heal and to start to feel well.
just don't rush it.
i'm just over four month now of post op.
i feel wonderful.
you will have good days and bad.
but every day you will feel and notice you are getting better.
so i hope you do well my friend.
may the good lord smile on you.


just thought i would up date some, today I am going home i have been in a rehab and has really helped me, i have theropy like 2 to 3 times a day. my back pain is gone i feel pretty good. i have some pain below my belt area all the way around. in 2 to 3 weeks i have to go and see my surgeon for my first check up, I think he will do some xrays and general things like that. from what i have been thru i dont feel bad at all. Im sure every day isnt going to be great., I have talked to several that havnt had it so well. if you have surgery done and he tells u 5 pounds weight limit then you should be listening, who in the world would want to go thru all of this again. not me i hope that i become pain free thats my goal. I had a good surgeon and i hope the same for everyone also. so merry xmas and happy new year to all of you.