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nerve damage from a spinal epidural?

Started by karenl on 01/23/2014 12:41pm

I had a spinal epidural on 12/26/13 and have been in alot more pain since then. I have 2 herniated disks in my back. I have much more pain and numbness radiating down my leg since then and am wondering if a nerve was nicked during the procedure. Has anyone else experienced this? I am wondering what my next step should be. I am taking gabapentin for the nerve pain and it seems to be helping with my pain. I just want to be well and not have to take medication for a long period of time. Any advice would help. The doctors are not giving me too many answers.
Karen L.

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I have had a microdiskectomy (September of 2012). During that surgery the neurosurgeon had to also retrieve a piece of the same herniated disk (between the vertebrae bones L5- S1) that had broken off and was migrating and had settled, pushing on the sciatic nerve on my left side.. Prior to this, I wasn't aware that parts of disks could be pinched off, and literally severed, such that pieces were broken off, but in there causing problems..

pain management doctor suggested an epidural- in addition to narcotic and muscle relaxers- to try to relieve pain. January 2013 I went to the hospital for an epidural. I had to lie face down on a table, and there was a tech guy who had a portable fluroscopy (sp?.. a special xray machine) on a rolling cart. This man HIT the table I was lying face down on, WHILE THE NEEDLE was IN MY SPINE- no less than FOUR TIMES! The needle hit my RIGHT sciatic nerve (I'd had surgery for problems on the LEFT side).. I had an INSTANTANEOUS LIGHTNING BOLT of Burning, Funny Bone Discomfort, and Unbearable PAIN from my hip all the way down through to my foot. I told the doctor immediately.. she kept saying "it's okay. it's fine. it'll be gone in a few minutes." That turned into "it'll be gone in a few days... You get the picture. Now, the extreme insane pain of when it was hit- that extreme pain did dissipate some. the problem is that we are now at the end of July in 2014 and I STILL have pain and numbness--> now besides my back, BOTH in my left leg (original surgery) AND in my right leg too! Bad days, goes all the way into feet, with foot drag (numbness to where I cant get my foot up a small stair normally- I go to go up the stair normally, only to find one foot is not clearing the step, then have to lift my whole side to make it go up (cant do whole flight of stairs, just three small steps between our living area and bedrooms/bathrooms)..

im in constant pain, the only question is how much. im only 33, will be 34 later this fall. i JUST* had trigger point injections in my back yesterday 7/22/14 (NEW doctor). The actual procedure did not hurt at all, minor discomfort (literally, the getting onto, abd off of, the table hurt worse than getting the shots).. problem is the RESULTING pain.. my understanding was to expect to be sore for a few days after and then it will either work or not... I woke up SCREAMING in unbearable pain middle of the night. If I had not had an emergency supply of VERY strong medication- felt like I would have died from a heart attack or stroke or something- was AWFUL. Some people have GREAT success, with almost no pain through the entire process- from getting trigger point injection, to the few days after, and then have substantial pain relief for 1-3 months! I wish I was one of those. I also fight Fibromyaligia- that may have something to do with my situation?..

I am EXTREMELY discouraged. HOPING AND PRAYING these trigger point injections will miraculously kick in tomorrow and help me beyond my wildest dreams.. because as it stands- im only 33, have two children, havent been able to work in YEARS, im on a 75 mcg/hr Fentanyl patch, 10/325 Hydrocodone (supposed to be 4 a day, im in rotten pain unless it's taken every 4 hrs- have to PRAY TO GOD I dont wake up in the middle of the night in pain), Methocarbamol (generic of the muscle relaxer Robaxin), and was on Meloxicam (generic for the anti-inflammatory Mobic)-- but due to ulcers and gastritis, could not continue with Meloxicam.

I do not think that ANY of my doctors realize the EXTREME UNIMAGINABLE UNBEARABLE LIFE-ALTERING PAIN I am in. They look at me and see a 33 year old woman who's not in a wheel chair. I only limp/walk wretchedly slow on the worst days-- I can force a just slow walk other times. I cannot do laundry (lifting and bending). I cannot do dishes (standing too long, bending, and reaching). I cannot do ANYTHING it feels like. ANY position for too long hurts like mad. every now and again I get a decent day (pain onyl at a 4 on a scale of 1-10). Best day ever it would be a 3, those are very rare. Average 5-7. I count myself an 8 when I literally cannot stop myself from crying and I'm screaming begging God to either Help & Heal me or Take me, because I just CANNOT take it anymore.

I just want the pain to stop. I just want to be able to live a normal life and be productive and feel human again.


Hi Kathy,
I have a similar experience a year ago. Acupuncture, chiropractic, massage has not helped. All specialists tell me it is not possible to "hit a nerve during an injection," but I am living proof damage was done. Constant tingling down my calf and mind-blowing middle of the night stabbing pain has only been lessened with time. Do you have any update and have you found relief?


Hi Kathy,
I had a similar experience a year ago. Acupuncture, Chiropratic care, and massage has not helped. All specialist tell me it is impossible to "hit a nerve," but I am proof that damage was done. Constant tingling down by calf and mind-blowing middle of the night stabbing pain has only been lessened with time. Do you have any update and have you found any relief?