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Cervical Stenoisis Bad Side effect Epidurial Injection

Started by RDS on 07/11/2014 7:34am

11-14-2013 I recieved the injection and was paralized from the neck down for two hours. Since then I have had bad pain in my neck,shoulders and bad headaches. I use to be able to run 3-5 miles a day and know what over use pain is. I had bad quad and calf pain, am still E.D. was not able to pee for 18 hours. I tried more P.T. Fibormalga medcations real bad side effects with them dizzness, spacing out, was reading one page in a book 5 mins. Since then I have learned that the FDA does not sanction steroid injections for the spin. Side effects loss of vision, paraylisis, E.D Anybody out there have same symptoms or worse. Doctor told me the injection did not cause the paraylisis and other symptems haha. I told him one week ago about the FDA warning he said he does not reading or believes he ever heard about the warning. My MRIs show mild to moderate stenoisis also side effect of injection Fibromyalgia I have tried P.T, neck stretching, medications

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