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Spinal Fusion on S1,L5,L4,L3

Started by calliekoko on 11/01/2014 12:35pm

Pain is debilitating but I have to work. I have had 3 laminectomies and now vertebre L3 has slipped.

I have read/heard that multiple level fusion is not very successful. I am afraid. I am 55 and HAVE to work 3 more years after this one to reitre. I teach 7th grade and it's all I am able to do...I want a better quality of life. I've lived with pain since late 20's and have a high pain tolerance I am told but lately it's just too much...

If anyone out there can help me with their experience please do....I also need a good doctor. I do not care where. I had a bad surgeon and it's worse than not having surgery.

Any suggestions.....I appreciate ALL of you!! No one understands CHRONIC pain because we look normal except for limp, etc...

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November 7-,2014:
'2 plates with 6 screws and 2 synthetic disc with 4 screws' L4 and L5

It has been four years since my back surgery so a little update is needed. I am as good as I will ever be and that is not great but I am thankful for what I can do. There is daily pain, some bad and some not so bad. The better days I appreciate for sure. The stiffness is almost unbearable at times but I just work through it. The daily treadmills at the “Y” have really helped my walking and the leg cramps are much less when I walk the treadmill five days a week. The lower back pain can be really bad if I am tired and have to walk on a hard surface. I use an electric stimulator at times and that usually gives me some relief. It is not as effective as I had hoped for, but I will take it. Both legs are very numb and lots of tingles most of the time. My left leg is worse, this is the one I injured when I fell at the Hospital and pulled some groin muscles. It is very numb and the knee is terrible, if I kneel down on it the pain shoots up my thigh and is very painful. Of course when I do kneel down, it is a real struggle to get back up but I still do it. I have a hard time getting a good night’s sleep when it’s warm because if I leave my legs uncovered they get very cold and then the cramps come to the calves and ankles. If I keep a sheet or sheet blanket on then I get too warm. If we turn the AC down then I get very cold and very stiff, like between a rock and a hard spot choices. I still get feeling low now and then and this is something that I never felt before surgery. Dr’s said might be some depression but I don’t know about that. If I don’t take my morning Tramdal I get this feeling and it can ruin the rest of my day. I just feel icky all day. I also acquired C-Diff after surgery because of too much of the wrong antibiotic and have been fighting bouts of that problem also. I have been to many spine and pain specialist but none have given me any help. Injections, ablation, acupuncture etc. nothing has helped. I have no forecast for a better life that is without daily pain.