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Posted in: Chronic pain, Neck pain, and Whiplash.

Being rear ended

Started by gingersnap_32 on 01/08/2016 3:22am

I was rear ended on the 29thof dec.2015 I was knocked from the hit I received I had a Drs appointment I was trying to get to This woman that hit me has done everything but the right thing since this wreck happen I was told a had a severe neck sprain a concussion I threw up for several hours after this wre k happened now it's been two weeks I have been told they can't allow me to go to my Nero dr until they see what's my damages are to my car now not only head neck and back are hurting sever,y but now the pain is in both elbows to the point I can hardly lift my arms what's wrong with me ? Please help thanks very kindly oh I forgot I have had to prior neck surguries

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No doctor but I had neck surgery a year ago do to car accident. I believe you have whip lash. Any c vertabrates that are not fused. I believe you need an mri. I got mine through a pain management clinic. Pain management doctor can handle your recovery. Time is essential because they say you only recover what you have not loss. Hurry and get to a Pain Management specialists or a lawyer can refer you the proper way.


You probably at least have some nerve irritation. Get an Mri at lease and find a good Neurologist
Do u have any burning pain ? Best of luck.