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Pre Op 4 weeks out 2 day Anterior/Posterior L4 5 S1 Advice

Started by ButteGramps on 06/06/2017 3:05pm

Hello All, Donald here. After battling Work comp for 12 years (fell off ladder) Finally surgery is 4 weeks out, having a Anterior/Posterior Surgery over 2 days. Also been diose with spondylolisthesis. I have also been morphine dependent for 8 years starting at 180 mm (time release). I have been trying to come off morphine for last two years, currently down to 30mm (15/15 daily). Lost all my teeth, and all the crap of morphine dependence. Terrified on what pain killers to use after surgery, and all will my body react. My other huge concern is I had a very successful Gastric ByPass done 21 years ago and loss 120 pds, however for last 4 years became nearly 100% bed ridden, as my legs are nearly gone, plus I gained 50 pounds back, all belly fat and flab. Concerned about healing from the Anterior (ALIF) part of surgery (healing fat). Surgeon also advised me there is more of a risk of healing. Currently trying to loose weight so far 23. Any of you guys out there that had beer belly and had a ALIF procedure. Any advice will be most certainly appreciated, and advice. Nerves are getting the best of me, but my body and mind say no turning back now. Cheers

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Hi, ButteGramps--thank you for sharing your concerns as you embark on spine surgery.

Regarding your medication questions, our best advice is to share your medication history and concerns with your spine surgeon. Your surgeon needs to know this information to appropriately treat you, and that information will allow him/her to craft your medication regimen with that information in mind.

Now, for your questions about weight loss: You're 4 weeks out from surgery, so you still have time to make some healthy changes to aid your surgery recovery. We'd like to share a few articles that we hope will help and encourage you during your weight loss journey:

( Weight Loss with Low Back Pain: Finding the Right Program )
( Preparing for Spine Surgery: 5 Key Considerations )
( Preparing for Spine Surgery: Diet Makes a Difference )

And, you may want to keep this article and reference it after your surgery ( After Spine Surgery: Eat Right to Heal Fast )

We hope these resources help prepare you for your upcoming procedure! We wish you a smooth and successful recovery.