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Long term chronic pain neck,mid and lumbar +dropped foot

Started by oahumike on 09/24/2017 1:16am

For the past 12 years I've been on Se high end pain meds
for 3 degenerative disc's in cervical, thoracic has 2 but they are not just fractures like all the rest these are ruptured. All 5 l1-l5 are all compressed fractured. Spinal stenosis top to bottom. Scoliosis in cervical and lbar both, kyphosis in lumbar. The pain is 24 hours and 9 on pain-o meter. I'm on fent any (5mcg/h and 120 MG of oxycodone, baxlofen for spasms, Valium for both anxiety and panic attacks. My pain management dr and I are trying to find a Surgeon that doesn't want to put 265lbs (haha) metal bars, screws, etc. And I REFUSE any type of fusion. I've never heard of good (or better) working out positively. So here I am. Laying down on my left side relives some the pain.
Four years ago, I woke up and couldn't stand on my left foot. It's like it went to sleep from mid calf to toes, although I cab feel my toes, which have been all broken at different times and still. The next day my dr said it was a drop foot and cannot be fixed. I slept on it wrong. The toes hurt but from mid calf to under my ankles I feel nothing

I wish for a simple answer but there isn't one, it would take 3 different doctors to do the surgery on my spine with NO guarantees.

I used to be a parmedic for 11 years, hence most of my problems. And must admit it causes depression and sleepless., but this is life and I'm tired. There has to be realistic remedies, I just haven't found it yet.
Unfortunately. Being disabled sucks. I know there's a wheelchair in my future.
I wish I had answers but I don't. If you do let know. They only let you pick 4 from the list, but I need to add spodyliosis, spondiliosiethesis, ruptured disc


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Hello, oahumike--thank you for sharing your story with us. We are so sorry to read about the many years you've lived with chronic back pain.

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