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SI joint fusion

Started by MettsMD on 11/13/2017 2:10pm

Anyone had an SI joint fusion? I am an 80 yr old retired medical doctor. I had an L3-4 Xlif fusion 11/17. I have since developed severe right hip and button pain. I have had both L5-S1 lumbar epidurals which have helped somewhat. My orthopedist suggested an SI joint injection which I have had X2. with very good results (3weeks). but now the pain has returned and is severe. I am active and have physical therapy 3X weekly at the SDSU Rec. Center by a Personal Trainer whom I have worked with for 6-7 years. My Orthopedist has suggested a SI-Fusion, minimally invasive procedure.
Anyone had a recent procedure? Please give me your thoughts! Thanks

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Hi, MettsMD--thanks for taking the time to post! While we don't have a personal experience with an SI joint fusion to share, we thought this article might be of interest to you: ( Surgery for Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction ).

With whatever path you choose--continued non-operative therapy or surgery--we wish you the very best. Please keep us posted on how you're doing.