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Lumbar pain

Started by P floyd70 on 02/12/2018 5:35pm

Hi. I'm new and would like to share what I live with each day.I have pain in my lumbar area as well as pain in my foot around the ankle. At times I feel as if I just can't make it around for my foot pain is so bad. I had a lamanectomy in 2015 at l5 s1.. And it did help with the foot pain only now my foot is back at it again!.along with feeling tired all the time .I found I had a problem six years ago with a rupture at l5 s1 . I went on for a few years having injections and not getting relelf so in 2015 had the surg. Now I'm having problems again and at this time I'm not working so no ins. I did have a MRI two months ago and I'm saveing to go see a spine Dr so I can get sum advice my MRI to me don't seem that bad so what is going on with my back my MRI says multilevel degenerative changes of lumbar spine .t12-l1 focal center disc extrusion .slightly effaces the anterior thecal sac without significant canal or foraminal stenosis. L1-l2 moderate broad based disc buldge and ligamentum thinking results in mild camel stenosis no foraminal narrowing. L2- l3 mild disc buldge. L3-l4 moderate broad based disc bulge results I mild resultant left foraminal stenosis. L4-l5 mile broad based disc bulge and facet art hop at by results in mild lateral recess narrowing . l5-s1 moderate disc bulge facet arthropathy results in moderate foraminal narrowing. Sorry its typed by me and I'm not much of a typed has anyone else had problems with ankle pain from back that is or was so bad at times you couldn't walk?

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