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Chronic back pain

Started by Metos on 04/13/2018 5:59am

Hello there! I'm Metos Eder from Philippines who's currently working as waiter in Riyadh KSA, 28 years old. I have been experiencing chronic low back pain 2 months now. The first time that I experienced was painful in the lower back, I could not even walk properly and stand. I was also experiencing pain on hips, sometimes I felt weakness both legs but often in the left leg. Pain was like needling in the lower back and middle part. I also have been feeling fever from the very start. I took too many medicine for inflammation, hemmoriods, ibufropen, and other food supplements such fish oil and B-complex to help treat this illness. I tried also eating garlic and ginger to help end the illnes. Medicine works that it reduces pain but unfornately, fever is still there. And I am afraid that if I stop taking medicine maybe it gets worst. As a normal person I am scared of what will happen to me in the future. And I can't even provide the need of myself. I am always being positive even though It is hard while working. I hope someone out thete could help me solve this problem of mine.

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