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A case with two level failed lumbar fusion

Started by Blue_sky on 05/22/2018 5:50am

Hello dear doctor. I am a man 32 years old. I had a fracture in right l5 segment for playing sport when AI was 2o but I had no pain and the doctor told me It is a congenital situation. After 7 years, the new pains was appeared including tingling, numbness and burning in my two legs(R=l) espacially in my thighs. Consevative cares was startted but failed. I had a block fact in l5 but no pain relief. My mri shows bulging disc in l3-l4 and mild to moderate central stenosis and bilateral foraminal stenosis in l3-l4 and l4-l5 and mild left foraminal l5. After failed conservative cares, I underwent a surgery and my doctor did a fusion in l4 l5 s1 but no decompression in central stenosis and foraminals stenosis. After the surgery I had a new pain in the front of the right thigh with burning.... . My doctor told me that the fusion was successed. After 2.5 years I went to the new spine center and what they told me was wonderful. They told me that right pedicle screw in l4 is sticking out and the fractre in right l5 still was heald and one screw in l5 is sticking into the iliac vessels and screws in s1 segment was fractured. Finally after 2.5 years after first surgery I underwent the second surgery about 6 months ago. But sadly we are the same boat. My new surgeon coudn't exit the pedicle screws in s1 segment. He did a new fusion at l3 l4 this time and decompression in l3 canal but no foraminectimy. After that surgery my pains a little bit relief but not much and I had a new pain in the left groin with burning and tingling. He told me the surgery was succsseful but my ct scan showed a pedicle screw in left l3 segment is sticking out. My emg ncs shows chronic left l5 radiculopthy and chronic bilateral l4 radiculopthy and chronic bilateral l3 radiculopthy. I don't know what to do. I really nead help. Please help me. Thank you so much.

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