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CSF leaks

Started by Pinkpetals on 06/29/2018 6:41pm

Hello I am new to the group.I am a 10yr spontaneous leaker and have been dealing with a lot of symptoms lately.I have been in and out of the hospital for Chronic pain especially neck and spinal pressure.I have been through the ringer with all kinds of tests and recently have done 3 EEGS because of unawareness and unconscious .I might lose my license because I can’t get my Neurologist to sign the paper saying it wasn’t seizures .The latest too was I went to a spinal doc and he said there is nothing wrong with you because you was wearing my ice neck wrap(that’s the only thing that keeps me functioning ) He told me to go see a pain mgnt doctor for spinal injections,I did and she was amazed to hear about my illness because she has never had anyone come I. Her office w CSF.She told me I was high risk and she wouldn’t touch my spine,but would help me w the pressure in my neck.I got 10 steroids shots and she told me I would feel better in a couple of weeks.I hate to tell you but I feel worse.I can’t sit or stand for a period of time and my feet and body have so much pain I. them.It feels like sometimes pins and needles and other ti
Es numbness in my spine and hands.I truly don’t know what to do anymore.Im lucky I can work because of the neck wrap and Lyrica.I just wish I could get some answers.Should I go see a Rheumatologist or should I go out of my network to find a doctor who specializes i. CSF leaks.Sorry so late my need someone who understands this illness

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