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Started by Maggie2018 on 07/10/2018 9:41pm

In 2007 I had a normal RkR at 43. I was supposed to be back at my corporate six figure income job in 3 months. HA! In 3 months I was in there in a wheelchair cleaning out my office. Within the next 6 months I was in bankruptcy, repos, and foreclosures. All of this due to a bone marrow bacterial infection that wanted to take my life. By this time, my private insurance had run out. A very large red mass on the inside of my knee had formed and was growing. All I had left was to file for SSD w / a two year wait for any medical help. No ER would run the proper test. They said I was drug seeking. I was begging for help. My body was giving up. On 12/09/2009 Baylor Dallas did an emergency admit. First time was for a month. For 4 yrs now, every 2 weeks I receive multiple injections in my lower spine,hip, rt leg, nerve burns etc. Wt gain is part of it.

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