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numbness and Pain after cervical discs replacement

Started by maricotin01 on 08/05/2018 3:09pm

I had double disc cervical replacement four weeks ago. Right now I have the same numbness that I had before surgery and also twitching on my left hand. Before surgery I had pain on my lower back and pain going down my left leg with four numb toes on my left foot. I am so worried that these issues will not go away and that i may have more issues down the road. I have trouble holding my cell phone and holding wheel to drive, it is annying because my had is in pain and numb.

Can someone share their experience?

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Hi, maricotin01--thank you for your post! While we don't have a personal story to share about cervical spine surgery, we wanted to share some thoughts to help you through your recovery.

Nerve-related symptoms, like numbness, generally take longer to heal than muscle-related pain. Did your doctor give you any indication as to when you should expect nerve-related symptoms to subside? Being 4 weeks out of surgery, you may have more recovery ahead of you before those symptoms heal.

You likely have some post-op follow-up appointments scheduled with your surgeon to check in on your progress and ensure that your recovery is going smoothly. Our best advice is to give your surgeon a call whenever you feel that something might not be right with your recovery--you don't need to wait until one of your scheduled post-op check-ins.

Recovery from spine surgeon can be extremely challenging, as it can be slow and painful. Our best advice is to trust your gut and call your surgeon if you're concerned that your recovery isn't going as planned. At the very least, you may get some peace of mind. We hope this helps and wish you the very best.