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Leg weakness and footdrop

Started by bigmijv1 on 11/18/2018 12:00pm

After 6 lumbar laminectomy and fusion surgeries over a span of 9 years, my leg weakness is to a point that I can only walk short distances with a walker. I’m only 57 but it seems I’m destined for a wheelchair existence for the rest of my days. Is there ANYTHING someone can suggest to explore for a direction change for my leg weakness?

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I think I am traveling down the same road. I had lu,bar spinal fusion in August 2018 hoping it would help the numbness and weakness in my legs. I have stenosis and the doctors thought surgery would relieve the pressure on the spinal cord and the nerves that are pressed would wake up. They have not woken up yet. I have to walk with a walker. Now the surgeon wants to fuse one level in my neck due to stenosis. I don’t know if it will help and I do not want to have surgery if my mobility does not improve. I never had any pain before the surgery only I keep falling down. I have physical therapy 2 times a week and my legs seem to be stronger. Were your legs weak before the fusions?