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Failed scoliosis surgery

Started by Lameduck on 11/28/2018 11:50pm

So I had scoliosis at 13 and had Harringyon rods until 2012. They failed and I had flat back syndrome with cauda equina. (The year before this i had a gastric bypass). I had a series or surgical pro endures to replace the rods, do a new fusion and grafts, relieve nerve pressure etc. . I had to have two additional procedures for spine infections. Cutting to the chase....in April of this year the first rod broke followed by the second in May. I am told this was caused by s bone graft failure. I am in a lot of pain, especially at the waistline area where the break is and. still experiencing symptoms of cauda equina. I also have a thinking numbness in my right hand that comes snd goes. Now my Dr is refusing to do surgery to repair the tods because I have very low protein levels (probably due to gastric bypass) and he fears another bone graft failure or infection. Apparently my protein numbers were low like this at my 2012 surgery as well. I have seen a nutritionist and have added supplements but to no avail. My gastric bypass doctor offered no solutions either. I mean, am I stuck like this forever since my protein levels wont rise and have apparently been low for some time. I lost my job and have been denied for SSDI, and wint be able to afford another month of cobra. My fear is that eith broken rods and failed grafts.....what the heck is supporting ny fusion. ? Am I doomed for paralysis ? My surgeon is very well known and chief of spine surgery. I feel so lost and abandoned. I would love some feedback

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