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Cervical myelopathy/ myelomalacia

Started by HummerH1 on 12/10/2018 7:56pm

I was rear ended 45 monthd ago...I went to ER bc of horrible neck and lower back pains radiate into arms and legs and numbness and tingling in hands and feet....was told only sprain neck go see primary doctor...primary doctor didnt take car accident injuries...I continued expereince horrible pains in neck back arms legs hands feet and hands dropping things legs didnt move or work right....I seek care from only doctor I could a chiropractor 3 days after my accident....went to appointment and told him same I told ER and dropping things leg didnt feel or work right....I continued to worsen and 11 days after accident I was in an MRI booth having neck and lower back MRI...at c3c4 grade 1 retrolisthesis & c5c6 herniated disc indenting spinal cord and an AP diameter of 7mm & c6c7 herniated disc and AP diameter of 8.5mm...at l5s1 grade 1 retrolisthesis & herniated disc touching left exit nerve root...I was referred. To spine surgeon but had to wait 2 months to get into see surgeon PA....I did eng/ ncv which showed radiculopathy at c6,c7,l5, s1 both sides all levels....had a steroid shot in lower back did absolutely nothing so no other shots were given....when I got to spine surgeon PA I was in a wheelchair....the surgeon PA did some test asked if I could stand or walk I said if u help me up but cant tell u my legs will move or I could stand....surgeon PA read my MRI films and report and agreed with board certified diagnostic radiologist who read my MRI s....told me I needed to take pressure of spinal cord so my spinal cord wont get damaged more then it already has and is showing.....said I needed a 2 level acdf surgery and schedule it for 6 months away....told me if don't get pressure off and I was to fall which I did numerous times trying to stand up I could be paralyzed from neck down....I did ct scan for surgeon and it also showed herniated disc indenting spinal cord at c5c6 and also read by same radiologist who read my mris....my primary doctor help me get whelchair bc I was wheelchair bound now and help me get ssi disability....she also ssaid I couldnt wait 6 months and tried to get me to a university neurosurgeon and I was told NO.....I see spine surgeon who is doing surgeon 2 months after seeing his PA and tells me I can wait 4 more months bc all damage happen during accident and basically the way in was is way I was gonna be and it wont get any worse....well after this I tried and tried to get care help from unversity neurosurgeons and were basically pushed away told not enough compression surgery wouldnt help fix or benefit at c5c6 level in my head but all diagnoses are cervical myelopathy paraplegia quadriplegia c5-c7 incomplete....ive been lied to by lawyers for legal action lawsuit filed them lawyers walk away say I have no case....this is a nightmare.....Jan 29th I finally am getting to a spinal cord injury specialist( physiatrist) and I am told she is good and head of spinal cord injury program .....also told she will diagnose me correctly and get me care for my bladder bowel autonomic dysreflexia pains repiratory issues etc all what spinal cord injury causes....seem to be i am being pushed away # 1 bc its a car accident #2 nothing was able to be done and insteqd of tell me this which I already knew & #3 bc of legal action...so any information comments people who r going threw what I am support.....thank you and god bless

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