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Is my MRI result bad?

Started by 2Young4This8 on 12/17/2018 1:34pm


Im 27 years old and i had back problem since 2015. Ended up getting 3 injections and i felt good but recently reherniated in August 2018.

Had my MRI last week and wanting to know if i will be needing a surgery...


No compression fractures. Loss of normal lordotic curvature
attributed to pain or muscle spasm. First degree retrolisthesis of
L4 on L5, and L5 on S1. Bone marrow is normal in signal without
evidence of fracture or marrow replacing lesion.
The conus is normal in appearance.

L4-5: 5 mm central disc bulge, which in conjunction with facet and
ligamentous hypertrophy results in mild narrowing of the neural
foramens. No canal stenosis..
L5-S1: Diffuse central disc bulge measuring 0.8 x 1.5 cm in the
greatest AP and transverse dimensions. There is mass effect on
bilateral S1 nerve roots, greater on the right side, while they are
within the spinal canal. There is no canal stenosis. There is mild
narrowing of both neural foramens. The L5 nerve roots exit normally..

Degenerative changes in the lower lumbar spine, most prominently at
L5-S1, as described above.

No compression fractures.

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