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Surgery for screw removal.

Started by Ams69 on 01/19/2019 1:09pm

I'm scheduled for surgery Tuesday for screw removal from an SI joint fusion due to my fractured pelvis from a car accident . Any words of wisdom from anybody? What will the surgery entail?

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How did your surgery go??? I had screws removed in my lower back. C-1/C4. Several years ago.


I would be very interested in finding out how both of your surgeries went. After 6 cervical/thoracic surgeries due to a 16 year old rear ending me I have to have a spine reconstruction. My neck looks like I have a hardware store is in it. My adventure started after an an 85 year old lady hit going 55 mph as I sat at a red light. My dog loved to ride in the cargo space. The impact hurdled Otto, into the windshield. Otto laid low for a couple of weeks and bounced back really well. The accident didn't have any negatived repercussions, for Otto. He was 16 1/2 years old when he passed away. Unfortunately, I wasn't as lucky as Otto. First let me say, I feel very blessed everyday I wake up and I'm not in a wheelchair! The surgeon will basically break my neck to remove hardware C-2 thru T-2 then he will continue down to T-10. He will try to correct my forward posture and try to correct the hardware moving into my throat space. I choke on medicine and some food. I feel like Humpty Dumpty! LOL If everything goes according to plan it will be a 12-14 hour surgery. That alone makes me very nervous.

My case is pretty complicated but I alway say at least I'm not a boring case! LOL LOL LOL
Thank you ,