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Injections and seeing a new pain mgmt doctor

Started by fep906 on 02/26/2019 4:46am

I seen on a page someone had the same problem I did years ago. Epidural steroid injections into the L5/S1 disc, which resulted in more pain (and expense)......I have a "bitter taste" in my mouth with injections. Long-acting narcotics had worked for me for 20 years. 1997-2017....I also have upper back pain due to kyphosis, and polyneuropathy in both legs.

I'm going to see a new pain mgmt doctor this Friday, (March 1st), but I looked on his website, as all other websites of other doctors and see they ALL just advertise injections. I'm not confident this is going to go well Friday. First of all, I'll be resposible for 20% of these injection visits, plus even if they did help my L5/S1 disc, I'll still have upper back pain (which is muscle related strain due to the kyphosis), and leg pain with my polyneuropathy..
With this recent Opiod epidemic in this country, people like me have an extremely hard time getting the treatment we know worked for years just fine...Long acting Narcotics. I was productive, and didn't abuse them...Now, on nothing but gabapentin, I've become a couch potato, and gained 80 lbs over the past 2 years..which increases the pain in my disc.
I have my original MRI from 1997 circled by an orthopedic clearly showing the herniated disc, my kyphosis is evident, and I have the EMG report indicating the polyneuropathy.
HOW DO I APPROACH THIS NEW PAIN MGMT DOCTOR WHO PROBABLY HAS NO INTENTION OTHER THAN INJECTIONS??? You may (and I'd prefer) any suggestions be sent to my email at fep906@gmail.com because I'm new to this site and may not find any answers or suggestions given to me... Thank You..

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