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Severe top of foot pain

Started by Keep smiling on 07/07/2019 2:10pm

I’m a 56 year old male I had l4 5 fusion in 2001. Was good for a few years but over the last 5 years pain has been gradually getting a lot worse with pains bilateral in feet and legs hips etc. Saw a surgeon last October who diagnosed a H I z in l4 5. Had a laser op but HIZ did not resolve. New mri shows nothing has changed Have seen different surgeon recently who diagnosed something completely different. Flat back syndrome. I am very confused and would like to hear if anybody has had something similar. Will have to take action soon because pain is unbearable especially in thighs and feet. I feel all my pain is coming from l5 s1. My foot pain is mostly on top and feels extremely sore even tender to touch. Help

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