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Pain for Lower Back

Started by csd50854 on 08/07/2019 5:29pm

I am a hairdresser and have been for 33 years or so. The last month I am at the point when I shampoo someone I cannot stand up straight. when I try to stand up I just keep folding in half at the waist. I had the nerves burned in my lower back while this was happening and I really thought doing the other side would help this but it seems to be worse .When we got home from having the nerves burned they must have hit another nerve that they weren't suppose to I made it up first step and went to use right leg to come up other step and fell my leg felt like jello. I really don't think these are related to each other. My lower back hurts as well as around my waist and still can't raise up and stand straight Any suggestions would be helpful I have a Nero stimulator implant I have turned it up higher but it does not make any difference to trying to stand up

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