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Broken pedical screws

Started by 318taramarie on 10/28/2019 9:40pm

So I had an L5 S1 fusion in 2011 due to spondolothesis and a part of my vertebrae breaking off and for over a year suffered with excruciating pain that noone could explain until I finally went to a surgeon and they opened me up and said the bone had not only broken but my sciatic nerve and tendon had been wrapping around it for that yr plus.
Woke up from my fusion pain free as far as I was concerned.
Seemed to be back on track fairly quickly and went back to work waitressing.
Fast forward to 2013
I fell
Fell hard on left hip
Pain began to follow
Within a few weeks I couldn't sleep
Laying down I had this shall pain in my right side in my back
My hip etc.....took yrs to finally find out that i never fused and now my two lower screws after cracked in half.
I'm very concerned bc i have a 4 yr old
My pain is now going into my leg trembling when i walk down stairs and pain and tenderness in my foot so bad i can barely put pressure on it ...all of this is always on right side
My husband is upset bc i don't want to have sex
But it hurts and i was sucking it up for years but now that my right leg is giving out and they are telling me i have these cracked screws and I'm set up to start a pieces of 3 surgeries I'm flat out scared
And i don't wasnt yo do anymore damage
I am tough but i need to be smart at this point
Does anyone have experience with any of this? I feel so lost
How long was healing time?
The first surgery is just to remove hardware
They then will put me in brace for 4 weeks or so in hopes to straighten out the middle of my spine which has decided to twist due to me compensating for these past 6 plus yrs.
Then another procedure through the abdomen and then the back plus a disc replacement at l4 l5
Please help!
Should I be having sex? Taking out trash? Lifting my 50 lb daughter when needed?

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