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Left in the cold

Started by Highrisker on 11/22/2019 6:54am

15 years ago I developed aggressive rumatoid arthritis. I worked at a very physical job for 20 years and already having some back issues. 3 years later had bulging discs and had 3consecutive laminectomieson and redos on 3 levels. Spondolythesis on L3-4 and L4-5 with instability. Had L3-4, L4-5 fusion with bone morphengenetic protein. I guess I was picked to be a Guinea pig and they smeared this stuff over my laminectomies and packed it in my disc spaces. Bone over growth is still a major problem even after 2 revision surgeries, arachniod, tropism. Ended up getting L5-S1 fused 2 years ago and still battling my RA, chondrocalsinosis in my knees, blood clots in legs, 17 trips to ER with kidney stones, 2 heart attacks 6 stents, diabetes, fibro, bursitis, osteomylitis, etc.. Got pinched nerves and spinal canal stenosis L2-L3 and 4 levels in my neck that's most advanced-severe with multiple radiculopothies in both neck and lower back. My surgeon won't even see me anymore, has staff orsomeone n new see me, like starting over with them. Went to pain management because my PCP want helping enough with pain. They looked over about 1/20th of my paper work and said I had chronic pain and thought best if I would wean off the 20mg oxy I was on with no epi's or any other pain help. I have such bad, neuropathic pain in my foot and toes that I can't sleep and neck pain leads to severe head ache daily. I feel so alone in this fight for any kind of relief or remedy to get some kind of quality of life and enjoy my grand kids.

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By the way I'm 58 years old now.