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Where do I start??

Started by Brittneybailey82 on 01/01/2021 3:36pm

I need help. Bad! I just recently got better insurance coverage and I need a specialist. Let’s see if I can make this “kinda” short...
about 2 years ago, I developed a hammer toe on my left foot (3rd toe). Never bothered me, never hurt, but then the numbness/tingling started going up my right leg. Over 6 months it developed to both legs, mimicking each other. In the beginning, it was sciatic pain down the front and back of both legs. Severe sciatic pain. MRI done on lumbar. Bulging discs causing stenosis L4-5,S1. But not severe enough for the pain I’m having. Over a 8 month period, I could hardly walk and I was in so much pain, I went to ER, because my PCP couldn’t figure out anything and my insurance sucked. ER visit, MRI shows c5-7 disc rupture and caused cord compression. Emergency surgery was done and had fusion. The surgeon said I would get relief from my now constant/non stop burning, numbness and sensory disfunction from my waist down (can’t feel hot/cold). Fast forward 16 months from surgery, I’m still in chronic pain, still no sensation, my feet and legs hurt so bad. I don’t have diabetes, all my bloodworm is ok. Recently had 2 spinal steroid injections- it did nothing (and I paid out of pocket because I’m in so much pain). My life has been completely turned upside down. Latest MRI shows another bulging disc in c4- above the fusion. Lumbar disc herniated. Where do I start? Neurologist? All I take is naproxen, otc pain medication. Im so depressed because of the pain and I believe my symptoms are invisible to others. I keep going because it takes my mind off the situation. I have pushed myself so far, I’m afraid I have permanent damage. My bladder has recently changed. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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I am no expert at all Brittney but it sounds like you are in too much pain and any time you have bladder issues, it is time to see a doctor, orthopedic or neurosurgeon. Four spine surgeries later and my spinal cord is stabilized but I live with pain as part of my life due to extensive surgeries and permanent spinal cord damage. Good luck.


"Where do I start?"

Look for a Neurosurgeon at a "Level-1" Trauma Center. They put people back together all the time.