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ACDF surgery c4-c5 Trapezius spams ; c5-c7 mobi c

Started by susan42 on 07/21/2021 7:18pm

I have had two cervical spine surgeries- the first c5-c7 using mobi c for spinal stenosis and herniated disc. This was a long time coming after 15 years of more insidious cervical radiculopathy becoming worse (I had been hit by a cable car in my early 30s driving to work. My car was like an accordion - but I was resilient and decided not to sue the muni though I was advised otherwise). Fast forward to 50 and maybe it’s degenerative or heavy computer work but it became disabling so I opted for surgery in 2017. I had no improvement and felt worse so saw a 2nd surgeon who said that adequate decompression had not been achieved. I had a c4/c5 ACDF and since then my trapezius spasms and s c m muscle spasm to the point I can’t sleep. I am taking Neurotin for this but going to try a medial branch block bc my pm doctor thinks it’s the facet and the nerves exiting. Candidates for ADR are really selective. Anyone else? Thank you, s

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Hello, first of all I’m sorry you’re experiencing so much pain. I have had six spine surgeries. My spine is fused from C2-L1 now. I started off with a cervical fusion ACDF. When I didn’t fuse after my first surgery my second surgery a year later had to be posterior approach which is very painful because they have to cut through the nerves in the back and through all of the muscle. So all of my surgeries have been posterior fusion and anterior fusion. First they go through anteriorly and put screws in and stabilized then they go through posteriorly and put rods and screws. After my cervical spine surgeries I would find some relief after a year or two and then pain would start at the next level above or below. I understand your pain with the trapezius spasm’s, I have them too. Since the bottom level of your cervical spine is fused the muscles and vertebrae above and below I have to help out now. Muscle spasms are very common after a cervical spine fusion. I am taking narcotics, gabapentin and three different muscle relaxers. I have chronic headaches chronic migraine. I have Botox injections and occipital nerve blocks every three months. The occipital nerve blocks have been very helpful in controlling my headaches. I am now waiting approval for an ablation on the nerves that are causing my headaches. Trigger point injections did not help me one bit.