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Multi-level disk degenration. I found the ways to get out of pain now.

Started by 100003122318985... on 03/12/2012 2:28am

Nucca go to one now.

See a regular chiropractor every 5 days or more if you happen to aggravte the disks that are degenerated.

www.wandmebaby.com buy a hand held rife form Joy.

Joy also has the ionic foot cleanse.

Joy also has oxygen treament. Not done that but plan to buy.

Hyaluronic acid .

f there is a big rife near you like at Karyn's Raw in Chaicgo. She has two of them

Join Young Living Oils.

Dont' lift laundry or a sliding glass door or the groceries. Get carry out. Drive the electronic carts. No gallon lifting either or heavy skillets. No lifting anything or swimming. Moving the arms like hand cleaning a caris out.

cod liver oil topically helps get rid of pain. Prolotherapy is a temporary cure for pain.

Take fish oils.

Sea salt baths.

Organic and raw foods.

Take Dr. Kam Yuen's pracitoners advise or the teachers classes.

Get meditaitonal music form the library. List in Chapter 3 of the reference Guide I have written.

Carol Everett inthe Uk shrinks things in the human body in 20 minutes documented.
She has saved many lives. She has a website.

Dr. Hulga Clark has 4 detox formulas. Gettign rid of the parasites, bacteria dn fungus you wil feel better.

Drink spring water or bali water.

2 galloon jug on my counter.

Drink lots of blessed water.

Hydrogen peroxide water cure lots of things I hear also. I have used it as a mouth wash.

I have wellness curs and books in Chapter 2.

Be different.

Heal yourself now.

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There is also orgnaic cinimon for pain instead of taking pills.