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surgery number 4 waiting now C5/C6 4 and 7 done

Started by Rune1970 on 01/07/2013 2:44pm

Hei. Im man from sweden, 5 year ago i had cage c4/c5. 6 month later c6/c7, cage, but reoperation 3 month later with peek cage,4 drillings" now c5/c6 is damage,with imression nerve 6 root, doctor afraid to go inside the front Becauce 3 times Before make risiko. They planed to go back posterior, But riski to,Becauce the Pain have been so long, any here with some referents" is it best if i dont take chance? They say go home thinking, can be worse" regards Rune

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They took out cage c6/c7 and put plate there. C5C6 was always prolapse on MRI .rigth and left arm Pain, and tumbs, no weakness, The medication dont work so mutch anymore. Is it møre riski When it have be done 3 times Before? Arterie,nerves,trachea they talk about, and 10% chance to get postoperative infection. Hope some here can answer me Litle About the risk if it is some so had do almost same things Before. Thanks