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spinal stenosis, herniated disc,

Started by gmom on 12/29/2014 11:58am

I am 49 year old woman i have been turned down going on my 3rd appeal from ssdi hired binder and binder. None of my doctors will help me with my disability claim. According to my mri in july of this year I have mild to severe spinal stenosis in l4-l5, degenertive disc diease, arthris and herniated disc my doctor wont even grade it as a 1. I have to sit when I sweep, mop, vaccum doing laundry and forget about dishes even doing dinner has to be in stages when I go grocery shopping I have to lean over the cart to releave the pain. I have been out of work since june of this year was working 10 hour shifts 3 days a week alot of lifting and stand finally couldnt do it any more. Doctor gave me temp handicap plaquerd but wont help me with my disabilty. I have had 2 epidural shots a 1 nerve blocker shot still have pain some worse then others. The week of halloween was the worse its been couldnt sit, lay down or sleep for 5 days nothing worked. Hoping ssdi approves me soon. Without the help from my doctors.

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