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Need C2-T2 fusion. Someone talk to me who has had this surgery!

Started by Sheiba227 on 06/27/2015 1:37pm

Hi, my name is Rebecca. I had a C1-C2 neck fusion in 1994. After 20 years I am bent over, in serious pain and can barely walk! Before I knew what was exactly wrong I was making appointments with minimally invasive surgeons in hopes of taking advantage of some of this great new technology. Unfortunately no such luck. My problems are much more extensive. Although no two doctors completely concur, they all seem to have about the same surgery in mind with the exception of how long the surgery will take and what levels need included. If I go through with this surgery I will have all of my cervical vertebrae fused and T1 and T2. I think that is a good inclusion so that Indont need another surgery down the road due to the weight of my head stressing out the thoracic area. Can someone please help me! I am 51 and have to do something! I can't stay like this much longer. I also need a possible lumbar surgery, if the neck surgery doesn't take the lumbar pain away. I need a right hip replacement also due to dislocation 33 years ago. I am being told that no other surgery can be performed prior to the neck because the neck involves compression of various cervical areas. AND is anyone familiar with a rare gene that causes bone slices to grow within the spinal column? It is some kind of OOAc. Or something like that! I was told so much on Thursday that my head is still spinning! I would be so greatful to anyone that can shear some light on my condition and/ or surgery. THANX. SPINE UNIVERSE PEOPLE!

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