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uncontrolled urination

Started by 102075057671439... on 09/18/2015 12:10pm

Hello everyone.it's 2007 since I am suffering from bladder problem.I have done several bladder and postrate related ultrasound and kidney each and every test.all seems okk.I am given all psychological medicine related medicine for bladder problem.nothing worked except ditropan and solifinacin.I was taking solifinacin 10 mg but suddenly it stopping working.after taking cigarette , it seems uncontrolled urination.I stopped cigarette. Ditropan 5mg works slightly. I have done cervical mri and it shows mild central posterior disc causing thecal sac identation. At c3-4level.and also mild herniation with mild posterolateral osteophytosis are causing ventral thecal sac indentation and bile teal neural forminal narrowing at c4-5 level.doctor told me it's nothing and reducing weight can well it.but my bladder problem started when I was 69 kg at height 5 feet 10.now I am 95 kg.but I gained weight 3 years back and the problem started at 2007.please help.

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