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Anterolisthesis and bilateral par defects

Started by Dustin76 on 07/30/2017 1:24pm

Hi everyone I am new to this group. I recently got an MRI and XRays due to having severe back and leg pain as well as numbing and pins and needles.. I had bent over to pick up one of my 2 1/2 year old daughters toys off the hearth. I swear I felt a crunching sound then extreme pain. The results are:
Lordosis of the Lumbar spine. My L3-Sacrum makes a sharp S shape. I saw a neurosurgeon and Orthopedic spine doctors. They both said I have a very unique spine.
L3-L4 Mild annular bulge/spondylosis eccentric right. Moderate right forminal narrowing.
L4-L5 Mild annular bulge/spondylosis. Mild to moderate foaminal narrowing. Grade 1 retrolithesis
S1/L5 disc degeneration with disc space narrowing present at both levels, grade 1-2 anterolisthesis, bilateral par defects, severe left and moderately severe right foraminal narrowing.

I am going tomorrow for my first round of injections at the L5-S1 level. I tried physical therapy. I made it thru one session and was in so much more pain the 2 days following it. Each day over the last 2 weeks it keeps getting more and more painful in the lower back, down the butt and back of both legs and to the middle of my feet.

Now am thinking about getting surgery soon than later. The doctors say any treatment I have other than surgery would just be a bandaid. I cant sit in any one position for 10-15 minutes, I cant stand in one spot for more than 3-5 minutes. I also cant walk more than 3000-5000 steps in a whole day without being in extreme pain that i can barely move. My L5 vertabrae moves in its space between the L4 and S1 due to instability. The neurosurgeon wont be able to do the surgery since they would have to go thru the front and he has only done one of those in the last 6 years. That is because my L5-S1 disc is facing almost straight up and down due to the curve. The Ortho Spine surgeon said he can do it and place a space in place of the disc and use 2 screws. I am not sure my spine would be supported enough with the 2 screws because of the curve and amount of pressure it would have on it. I can feel that area of my spine through my skin since it is much closer than normal.

In the past I have had many injections in my Neck for severe Stenosis and Disc degeneration at the C5-C7. They did not work well as well as all other conservative treatments. I ended up getting a 2 level fusion with spacers, Titanium plate and 6 screws. The recovery took about a year til i got to almost normal. I now have above normal rotation of my neck.

I really could use some help in some questions to ask the doctor the next time I go in based of my issues. Thank you ahead of time.

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Hi, Dustin76--thanks for your post! We have many articles that feature good questions to ask and things to consider if you're thinking about spine surgery:

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