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Multiple spine surgeries

Started by Mom55 on 05/09/2018 9:07pm

I need some advice. I currently have L5 ridiciopathy. The pain in my foot was very prominent and would keep me awake at night. Sometimes the pain would travel to my shin or knee. I still have this pain but it has actually subsided somewhat. I have intermittent bouts of low back pain with back spasms and general leg pain - usually after I put in a full day of work.

In 2008, I had dissectomy And fusion of my cervical spine to relieve arm pain. The surgery was very successful and I was able to function comfortably. In 2011, I began to have leg pain and tingling. I subsequently had laminectomy of my lumbar spine - no fusion.

during a recent hospital stay a neurologist suspected that there was a problem with L5 vertebra. An MRI confirmed that indeed there is a herniation and fissures - stenosis. He recommended that I go back to the neurosurgeon. When I went back - the surgeons comment was that my MRI didn't look that bad and that I should go to a foot doctor. I told him I already had a foot X-ray and he told me I should get an MRI of my foot. I don't think so. I don't think he cares.

Since that, I have had an EMG confirming nerve compression at L5. My primary care doc told me to take the test results back to the surgeon. I sent the results to him last week.
I am not sure what to do? Any advice? Is it appropriate to get a second opinion at the same prominent hospital? Should I adjust my lifestyle to the problem. I have had 6 weeks of physical therapy and have started water exercises.

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